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Sterling Silver & Gold Bangle ...
Price:  $349.00
Windows to the Soul Gold and silver Bracelet ...
Price:  $349.00
Bar Flat Dragon Weave Bracelet Keith Jack Jewel. Mens or Ladies ...
Price:  $330.00
Celtic Bracelet
Braided Celtic Bracelets ...
Price:  $14.99
Celtic Cradle of Life - Bracelet
Celtic Cradle of Life - Bracelet ...
Price:  $249.00
Dragon Weave Bracelet
Dragon Weave Bracelet ...
Price:  $330.00
Heather Gems Bead Bracelet
Heather Gems Bead Bracelet ...
Price:  $45.00
Heathergems V Bracelet
Heathergems V Bracelet. Beautiful drop bracelet with pretty gem centrepiece. ...
Price:  $45.00
Keith Jack 18" Dragon Weave Chain
Keith Jack 18" Dragon Weave Chain ...
Price:  $125.00
Guardian Angel Collection - Large Pendant ...
Price:  $149.00

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